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 Use This Free Loan Process Audit To Deliver A More Efficient, Profitable and Referable Service

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With this resource you can expect to:

  • Reduce handling time  per file
  • Streamline your service delivery
  • Increase profitability per file by knowing which numbers you need to keep an eye on 
  • Become more productive so you can reduce overall working hours 
  • Deliver a repeatable and referable service that earns you more introductions and write more loans
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Barry Swain, a regional broker with an average deal size of $350K grew his monthly settlements by $4.1M without working more hours.
How? He used the key elements from
 this Loan Process Audit to go from time poor to highly productive. 
More time, more freedom, more settlements


Get the Loan Process Audit
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From James McCracken 

Australia’s Only Broker Trainer to Guarantee 4X ROI 

  • 70+ case-studies of brokers who grew annual settlement volumes by $12M+ (or more)
  • Personal mentor and advisor to multiple $10M / month brokers
  • Only business advisor in Australia trusted enough to be a member of Finance & Coffee

Download your Loan Process Audit right now so you can deliver a more efficient, profitable and referable service.

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From inconsistent to predicable volumes
Our brokers grow their upfront, their trail & their asset value
Mark Moccero went from writing $800K/month to $6M/month 

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From MIR's to more one-touch approvals.  
When you follow a clear structure, you can reduce MIR's and handling time per file 
Katie Dickson (Dickson & Co) generated more one-touch approvals and grew settlements from $2.5M to $8M per month 

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From crazy busy to highly profitable
Our brokers stress less and have more time for their passions
Rory Sercombe (Own Home Loans) grew settlements from $1M per month to $3-5M per month by automating service delivery . . . and he gets to go home earlier

Get the Loan Process Audit