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EXCLUSIVE Free Training for Mortgage & Finance Brokers...

The structures and processes that let you write $5M+ every month and still clock out by 5:30pm without feeling tired or overwhelmed.

This Practical, Straightforward Training Will Teach You

  • How to reduce your handling time per file by streamlining your submission process 
  • How to supercharge your staff (18 minute mark) to get more admin and grunt work delegated and automated without impacting deal flow or the client experience. 
  • 3 industry myths that hijack your focus, insult your intelligence, and impact your settlement volumes.  We’ll dissect each one and what you can do instead.
  • A clear, practical strategy our clients use to transition from stressed, reactive and “when-will-this-day-end” → to productive, efficient and more profitable.  This is the fastest way you can develop a business that gives you real freedom, while rookie brokers and “mortgage wantrapreneurs” flood the marketplace with their noise.
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Australia's most recommended broker trainer - James McCracken.  

  • 65+ case-studies of brokers who grew volumes by $1M/mth (or more)
  • Average client of ROI $9 for every $1 invested in our support
  • Only business advisor in Australia trusted enough to be a member of Finance & Coffee

Look at these amazing case-studies.

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Andrew increased his annual revenue by $50,000 

James saved me months of mucking around - and helped me earn at least $50,000 more in my first 12-months than I would have achieved on my own.  

  - Andrew Rowlands Mayfair Finance 

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Rohan increased his monthly revenue by $8,000 

James has provided me with the structure and consistency where I’m now earning around $8,000 more per month, and I expect that number to increase significantly in the months to come..

- Rohan Puvi Prime Emerald Financial Services

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Ally generated 8 new clients in his first week

Since our meeting last week I have managed to pick up 8 new clients. It's as if we set events in motion just by actively taking the first step to make a change  

- Ally Merchant AM Finance 


Not like any other training program.

This isn’t another 'course' that promises that your life or your business can suddenly go to 'autopilot' or grow to $100M in loan settlements within a heartbeat. We both know that isn't true, and you should run very fast from those who you tell it is. 

Instead, we teach a clear, easy-to-follow system for operating your broker business while getting high level support to ensure you are successful. It's because of our delivery method that I'm held in high regard in groups like Finance & Coffee.

High quality proven methods.

No longer...

  • Lose time & money with low converting lead generation methods
  • Chase 'shiny balls' that waste your time and consume your focus
  • React to everything that's happening around you
  • Drop service levels when you're under the pump

Now you get to...

  • Grow faster by following the same strategies as the nation's top performers 
  • Have more time so you can see more clients
  • Increase your upfront and trail income in spite of assessors questioning everything
  • Operate your business like a well oiled machine